Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Sky Studios

Hi everyone!, first of all...


It´s been a while since my last update on my own blog, sorry to my oldest followers, and welcome to the new ones!!!

So, as you can see my last post it was about "Planet 51", movie that it was released in cinemas on November 2009. Well, so after "Planet 51" Ilion Animation Studios was working on the next project, so do I, until I decided that it was time to me to step up and try what I always wanted since I started as animator, to work in one of the big animation studios in USA. Lucky me, at the end of 2009 I got an offer from Blue Sky Studios, creators of the" Ice Age" trilogy and movies like "Horton Hear´s a Who" and "Robots". It was one of the best days in my life, I remember I couldn´t even type my keyboard to email them back accepting the job, not only because of the new job, but about to live in a new city (New York), new language, new life, new everything!!! Loved it!!!

On February 2010 I started working at Blue Sky as animator for the film "Rio", and I have to say that it is one of the best experiences ever as animator and person, the quality of every single artist/friends here it´s amazing! I worked on "Rio"until November 2010, the movie it´s ready to be release on April 2011. You can check it out the lastest trailer here:

Rio Trailer

Now, that we are done with "Rio", we are working on the next project, "Ice Age: Continental Drift", I have to say that I´m so excited about this project, "Ice Age" it was always a reference talking about animation, so it´s a real pleasure to be part of the animation team in this new adventure. You can take a look at this new Scrat´s shortfilm made for this new episode of the Ice Age saga:

Scrat´s Continental Crack-Up

I hope you enjoyed both clips and hope to see you around again, I´ll try to update more often, promise!!!

Thanks for reading, and thanks Bobby! :)